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Unreal or Unreal Gold another Classic/Shooter/Adventure, original released in 1998 for Windows 95/98 operating systems

The Game is  running fine on modern operating systems such as

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, it is highly recommended to update the game with the latest patch. This patch also allows you to play Unreal with high resolutions Textures.

Patch can be found here

How to play with High  resolution textures
Make a copy of the Textures folder within the Unreal installation directory to preserve the original textures (this folder will Textures - called copy when you copy and paste the folder in Windows Explorer)
Download all high resolution texture packs
Copy the contents of all downloaded zip files in the Textures folder Unreal
Start and configure the game
When you start Unreal 227i for the first time, you will see a setup wizard. choose the OpenGL renderer or Direct3D9 for best results
Once in the game, press Esc and select Audio / Video
If necessary, choose the appropriate resolution at Select resolution
Put Texture detail on High
Put Curvy meshes True

 Maps made by myself

Strange_Place1 Map

 made arround


Strange_Place4 Map

 made arround


Strange_Place5 Map

 made arround


Strange_Place6 Map

 made arround


CaveEscape Map

made arround


CaveEscape2 Map

made arround


All maps Created by me can be found in the download section from RubiesFactory

some maps from the strange_place serie are compiled with several parts from my good friend Ronaldo (Brazil)

OU Map

created in


OU1 Map

My last creation




The project I did working on has been abandoned

 a convertion project from the game Rune.

A hell of a job but I think it's worth to make it work so everyone can play this map series into the new engine enviroment from Unreal1.

Screenshots can be viewed in large format.


Old Project

More ScreenShots



If You dont have the game you can download it for a few

euros or dollars from this site below


UT Server


Our Dream and wishes for future

Will the EPIC community ever release a rework on their latest engine from the first UNREAL ?

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Always one step ahead

Our Team has begun to compile already maps for the future Unreal game on the Unreal 2016 Game Editor

If you have interest and would like to contribute:

Mail Us!

Roots in the Past, Glance in the Future

With Unreal Engine, version 4.16, we now have support for Volumetric Fog. This method computes participating media density and lighting at every point in the camera frustum, so that we can support varying densities and any number of lights affecting the fog.

In this scene, Volumetric Fog is coming from the directional light source off screen through the arch and surrounding area to create shadowed fog.

This information comes from the

Original documentation by Epic

Awesome isn't it ?

Our Team did begun  to manage texturing for DM-maps release by 3dtray Taylor

realy classic fast deathmatch maps fun promised

Working on water volume and post processing volume for underwater effect. Very different from older versions of unreal editor but we break trough to find out, soon a new page will be constructed with more news about building maps for this new engine! Betapage can be found here

All credits go to our Italian friend BBG who is working hard to prepare everything so we can extend our team with peoples that will get the knowledge from us how to proceed to build/convert older unreal maps into this awesome new engine, estimated release date from this work is not known yet.......



 Unreal & UT


UT Server


Current  Project